The Dog Days of Winter

Its cold.  It's been cold for weeks on end, and everyone in my downtown Toronto neighbourhood, man and beast alike, are getting tired of it. Someone in our dog park referred to it as the "dog days of winter". Despite not being very politically correct, George took exception to this description. He glanced up at me with the look that clearly conveyed - "Why not "the cat days of winter"?

He had a point.

Dogs often get unfairly maligned with negative expressions - "Sick as dog" and "dog tired" and the very judgmental - "dog breath", are a few that quickly come to mind. The world is full of serious bias and discrimination - gender bias, sexual preference bias and race discrimination are unfortunately still prevalent and obvious examples. George has alerted me to another type of bias & judgment, that for the most part, remains unfiltered -  dog discrimination. Moving forward, let's be a bit more sensitive to our four legged friends, after all - they are still 'man's best friend.' Here are a few examples of 'dog friendly' expressions we all can use:

  • sick as a dog  - instead: sick as a rabbit
    • "I can't come to work today, I am feeling sick as a rabbit"
  • Dog tired -  instead: Eagle tired
    • "I am not going to the party tonight. I chopped wood all day and I am eagle tired."
  • Let sleeping dogs lie - instead: let sleeping hamsters lie
    • "Vinny didn't do that hit, the boss told him to "let sleeping hamsters lie."

You're nodding your head. Go ahead. use them - I know you want to... it's a long winter.

The cat days of winter...

Tell us your favourite "edited" dog expressions, comment below.