When I was a little boy, my younger brother and I were blessed with the good fortune of having a Grandfather who loved us, and went out of his way to make sure we enjoyed spending time together as a family. We spent a great deal of time together at the beach, building sand castles, swimming, flying kites and having picnics. At the end of each day, my grandfather would tuck us into bed and tell us "Today was a free day boys..." We would ask him - "What is a free day Grandpa?" He would smile and look down at us, "A free day is when you spend the day with people who love you, doing things you love to do. When those two things happen at the same time - you don't get old. It's a free day on earth."

As I got older, life became more complicated, responsibilities increased and the ability to enjoy free days has become more difficult. There is a lot of stress in our society today and we all deal with it the best we can.

Free days can be different things to different people, but it is important to recognize when they happen. Life is busy and challenging for all of us and free days are not always easy to find. Cherish and celebrate them when you do find them with your family, friends or... with a very large dog. I hope you enjoy the book!

                                                                                                        ~ Colin Campbell ~